Jessa Denmark
web development, software engineering, design

Design Samples

Kwakman Calls Website

A website of hand crafted waterfowl calls, designed to appeal to outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Mineral Splash Website

An online shop featuring luxurious soaps with a clean, inviting appearance.

Zealous Contemplations Website

Dramatic colors and a sense of motion in the backdrop make this site grab attention.

San Francisco Diamonds Website

This website for a local diamond importer and jewelry shop was created to drive search traffic from San Francisco shoppers and encourage them to visit the business in person. The clean lines and narrow pallet of the design allows the jewelry to become the visual focal point.

Game Components

A card and a token from a prototype science fiction board game. Beside the white card text "Gain 1 Ore" is an example of the iconography developed for different events within the game. Each icon corresponds to an event, making it clear what the card does at every step of the game.

Old World Calendar

This wall calendar was created to complement the interior design of an office space with traditional inspiration. The final product was printed on vellum and bound with decorative brass fittings (hence the extra whitespace near the top of the frame). It utilizes antique engravings and reproductions of seventeenth century fonts.

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